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  • Modern Footwear

    Modern Footwear

    Old Bank Road, Ghorahi Dang

    Modern Footwear 

  • Nandini Advanced Animal Husbandry Farms

    Nandini Advanced Animal Husbandry Farms

    Ghorahi, Dang

    Nandini Advanced Animal Husbandry Farms.

  • Mankamana water world

    Mankamana water world

    Ghorahi, Dang

    Mankamana water world for drinking pure water after purify.

  • Acharya Chasma Pasal

    Acharya Chasma Pasal

    Ghorahi, Dang

    Acharya Chasma Pasal have all types of goggles like Korean, Ray Ban and lenses. 

  • Devi Kastha Udhyog

    Devi Kastha Udhyog

    Tribhuwan Park, Ghorahi Dang

    Devi Kastha Udhyog Provides varieties of wood as per order.

  • Namaste Bittiya Sanstha

    Namaste Bittiya Sanstha

    Shahid Road, Ghorahi Dang

    Namaste Bittiya Sanstha Limited (NBSL) was incorporated as a public limited company at the office of the Company Registrar On…

  • Ghorahi Municipality Office

    Ghorahi Municipality Office

    Ghorahi, Dang

    Ghorahi Municipality Office is a goverment organisation which provides the services for Ghorahi Residents.

  • International Leasing and Finance Company

    International Leasing and Finance Company

    Ghorahi, Dang

    ILFCO was initially established as a joint venture finance company with the Korean Industrial Leasing Co., Ltd. (KILC) which was…

  • Shrestha Automobiles (Yamaha Dang)

    Shrestha Automobiles (Yamaha Dang)

    New Road, Ghorahi Dang

    Shrestha Automobiles is only one Yamaha Dealers for Ghorahi, Dang.

  • Gurukul International Academy

    Gurukul International Academy

    Ghorahi, Dang

    Gurukul International School is  an International School at Dang Ghorahi. 

  • Su-Sangeet Construction

    Su-Sangeet Construction

    Ghorahi, Dang

    Su-Sangeet Construction Builds Building, Road, Bridge construction and other construction and engineering works

  • SSR Bootique

    SSR Bootique

    Old Rapti hall road, Ghorahi Dang

    SSR Bootique sells ladies suits and saries with attractively designed.

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